Lithuanian TV fines absent singer €2000

Sasha Song

Sasha Song is €2000 out of pocket after pulling out of a Lithuanian Eurovision selection show at the last minute.

The 35-year-old singer was due to record his entry for the fourth heat of Eurovizijos nacionaline atranka earlier this week, but failed to show up, blaming his last-minute absence on a producer.

Heats for the marathon selection process are pre-recorded in the presence of jury members who award points. Viewers get to vote on the songs a week or two later. Contest rules state that should any performer fail to show up without good reason, they’ll be disqualified and fined.

Song blamed his absence on a producer who, he claims, failed to provide a finished backing track.

Audrius Giržadas, the Lithuanian Head of Delegation had little sympathy, noting that Song had asked for extra time to decide on participation. When the singer failed to get back in touch, LRT was left to publish a list of participants. Once this had happened, Song was bound by the rules.

The Lithuanian selection process continues tomorrow with the third heat.