Luxembourg releases its 8 hopefuls into the wild

During this morning (11th December) RTL have announced their eight entrants for the Luxembourg Song Contest which will take place on the 27th January 2024.

Those eight are pictured at the top and they are, in alphabetical order

Angy and Rafa Ela, Chalid, Edusn, Joel Marques Cunha, Krick, Naomi Aye, One Last Time and Tali.   

It seems that there is the usual mix of the new and the familiar with a number of them taking part in talent shows around Europe… well Benelux specifically. Apparently there were 459 entries submitted and one, or a number of them, were entered by Ralph Siegel.  yay!

There is no date as to when the songs are going to be announced, but RTL say “before the final” – which is nice of them!