Madame Monsieur take the ticket to Lisbon

Madame Monsieur

After three very well-produced shows from France2 and ITV Studios France, the French public overturned the choice of a professional jury and gave Madame Monsieur and their song “Mercy” the ticket to Lisbon.

As you can see by the results, the jury gave the nod to Lisandro Cuxi, but this was overturned by a massive plurality in the televoting for the winners  in fact, according to the points scored, they got around 28% of the televote).

If you’ve not already seen the final (and boy was it a long old affair), the Tube of You has been helpful by allowing the final performance to be uploaded.

Who is singing it?

Emilie Satt (29) and her husband Jean-Karl Lucas (35) hail from Nice in the south of France. Described by Le Monde as “a Stylish pop duo with urban influences”, Madame Monsieur, was formed in 2002, and they have already collaborated with various artists such as Youssoupha, La Fouine, Disiz, S.Pri Noir and even Lisandro Cuxi. Le Monde goes on to say that their first album, entitled Vu d’ici, should be released later this year.

(I’m guessing it depends on how well they do in the Eurovision)

Whats it all about?

The song, which was written before being entered into the Eurovision selection procedure, is based on Tweets by journalist Gregory Leclerc. When aboard the ship L’Aquarius, he witnessed and Tweeted the birth of a boy born to Nigerian refugee parents.  This child, “Mercy” became the muse of Emilie and Jean-Karl who, after hearing the story, write their Eurovision song. Emilie told Nice-MatinWe felt able to go with these words because they told a strong story.  This song is not moralistic, not political, but gives a human face to what society otherwise lumps together under the banner term of migrants.”

Viewing figures

Much as with the semi-finals, Destination Eurovision didn’t set things on fire. It ended as the fourth most-watched show on Saturday with just under 1.8 million viewers. By contrast, the launch show for seventh season of The Voice on TF1 picked up six million.