Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2024 – A Glimpse into the Finalists

Malta ESC 24

The Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2024 (MESC2024) has been trudging along, as the country edges closer to selecting its representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö, Sweden. The fourth and final semifinal, held on November 17 in Valletta, showcased the last batch of nine acts, bringing the total number of contenders to 36.

Advance planning

The semifinals, which commenced on October 27, featured live performances focusing solely on vocal prowess, devoid of any stage props. You can imagine how much fun that was to watch. Think of a karaoke bar with rows of seats. This approach has, the organisers claim, allowed each artist’s unique voice and song to shine, bringing a refreshing purity to the competition.

Anticipation is high (in Malta at least) for the announcement of the 12 finalists on November 24, based on a combination of jury and public votes. Speculations are rife about potential finalists, with standout performances from Matt BLXCK with “Banana”, Ryan Hili with “Karma”, and the girlband ERBA’ with “Sirena”.

Grand final

The grand final, expected in late January 2024, will ultimately determine who will carry the Maltese flag in Malmö. This decision will be made through a combination of national and international jury votes and public Maltese televoting.

The excitement builds as Malta prepares to make its choice, with the hopes of making a significant impact at the Eurovision stage in Sweden. The signs are, however, that just like always, Malta is overthinking things.