Malta goes for A WEEK OF SONG!

Malta ESC 24

Yes, you read that right.  According to “the internet” and, more specifically, TVM NEWS, the Maltese broadcaster seems to have gone quite quite mad.  They have, clearly, ingested some high quality drugs as they have decided to do a week of programming around their 12 song final!

The week to clear in your diaries is the week of Monday 29th January where you can expect these fine things.

Three days of “learning about the artists” which, presumably, includes their home lives, their work lives and how they are going to get ready for the big night.  This is going to go with some added info with regards to their music videos.

Talking of which,  they will present them on Thursday 1st February.  In a nod to Sanremo, Friday 2nd February will be so-called “Nostalgia night”. This is where the 12 artistes will sing local or international songs from “back in the day”.

All of this shenanigans will lead up to a grand final on Saturday 3rd February.  The Jury and Televote will decide the winner live from Television House in Gwardamanga – I bet you can’t wait.

Those 12 finalists again are :

VenomMiriana Conte
LoopSarah Bonnici
Topic (Bla Bla)Greta Tude
Tell Me That It's OverHaley Azzopardi
KarmaRyan Hili
MaraDenise Mercieca
BananaMatt Blxck
Wild CardGail Attard
BreatheLisa Gauci

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