Moldova adds ‘fun’ new element to Etapa Națională

Etapa Națională

For the first time, Moldovan broadcaster TRM plans to show real-time voting results on-screen during its Eurovision national final.

Saturday’s Etapa Națională will implement online voting (registration by Moldovan phone number, 1 vote per phone number). People living abroad can also register on the TRM platform, if they have a mobile phone number registered with operators in the Republic of Moldova. The number of votes cast by viewers will be displayed in real-time on TV, adding to the overall car-crash appeal.

Live auditions

Moldova has selected their entry via a national selection show between 2008 and 2020, although their entry in 2021 was selected via an internal selection. Artists and composers had the opportunity to submit entries between 23 December 2022 and 16 January 2023. Artists could submit more than one song, and an international act will be able to compete only if they are part of a duo or group where 50% of the lead vocalists are of Moldovan nationality. 33 valid entries were received by the broadcaster and took part in the now close on legendary live auditions broadcast online.


Two songs were disqualified: “Squeeze Paradise” by Nördika due to it having been published before 1 September 2022, and “In questo domani” by Massimo Sinceri feat. Da-Muse due to it violating the 50% foreign nationality rule. Dianna Rotaru, who entered under the stage name Lola, was due to compete with the song “Temperatura“, but was disqualified after she was unable to attend the live audition round.

Here’s the running order for Saturday evening:

Donia"Red Zone"
OL"Why You Play It Cool"
Victor Gulick"Let's Dance"
Surorile Osoianu"Bade, bădişor, bădiţă"
Nördika"Damn and Down"
Aliona Moon"Du-mă"
SunStroke Project"Yummy Mommy"
Pasha Parfeny"Soarele şi luna"
Corina Ivanov"When Love's Real"

Etapa Națională takes place on Saturday, March 4, starting at 19:00 CET, and will be broadcast live on TV Moldova 1, the websites and , the Eurovision Moldova Facebook page and the official YouTube page of Teleradio Moldova.

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