That moment when you have to fill the stage….

Eurovision Presenters 2018

We’ve all sat through meetings where someone decides that there just aren’t enough people adding to the chaos, and suggested we invite everyone else in the office to pitch in. Clearly the RTP Eurovision production team have had the same idea, because for reasons (known only to themselves) they have decided to give us FOUR presenters for this year’s Eurovision.


Blimey, three boys were bad enough last year, but it seems that in a quest for even more banal scripting, four female presenters was deemed to be the way to go.

Two will already be familiar to Eurovision fans. Sílvia Alberto hosted several editions of the FdC for RTP in her own inimitable way. Filomena Cautela was last year’s Portuguese spokesperson. Daniela Ruah is American by Birth, though lives in Portugal and stars in NCIS:Los Angeles. Catarina Furtado is – and I quote – “the most credible person in Portugal”. For good measure, she’s also a UN Goodwill ambassador. Like Geri Halliwell and (previously) Robert Mugabe.

I just present the facts,right. I didn’t write their bios.

Just don’t draw comparisons between them and Mrs Einstein, and we’ll be ok.