Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 Part 15 – Germany

Blood and Glitter by Lord of the Lost.

Despite having a recent win in 2010 it’s difficult to describe Germany’s attempts to adapt to modern Eurovision as anything other than making a fist of it. With but a few exceptions their recent entries have veered from bland to awful and notched up predictably poor results.

Perhaps the process is all wrong? Recent national finals haven’t exactly been brimming with confident performers. Last year one poor woman forgot her own words mid song. This year one fan-favourite could only limply crank her hurdy gurdy (and really, what the fuck is a hurdy gurdy doing vying for the Eurovision stage anyway?).

Another problem is entering songs that completely divide the public and the expert juries. This year’s jury pick could only muster 5% of the public’s support, while the overwhelming public favourite was only placed 5th by the jury. No matter, the public’s choice was so popular it prevailed: at least the German public will only have themselves to blame.

So heading to Eurovision is Lord of the Lost, a name so prophetic for Germany’s plight in Eurovision during most of the past decade. The Lost, with their Lord, are a gothic metal band with more than a spattering of glam rock. It’s certainly lively with a full-throated performance by The Lord himself.

When a song has already done so well in a public vote it’s obviously folly to write it off, though of course this will be up against different – and much, much better – competition in May that in was in Germany. I don’t much like it myself, but fair play to Germany. If you’ve been that shit with bland entries why not try something different?

My marks: 3 points