Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 Part 16 – Greece

What They Say by Victor Vernicos.

The inner torture of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues is a common trope expressed through music. You could argue that it’s been the drive for many of our greatest artists.

As a topic it wouldn’t ordinarily be my go-to for Eurovision, but it can undeniably fuel some good songs. Victor Vernicos pulls one off for Greece with this. He reflects on his own anxieties but also more positively about how those who have been hurt themselves help to pull others up.

Victor’s just 16, and he wrote the song himself at just 14 years old. It’s an astonishingly mature performance, matching his impressive vocal talent for one so young. It’s sad to think of such a young man, then still a boy having the experiences which lead to putting such feeling down into song, but teenage mental health is a big subject and it’s good to know he has found an outlet to help process his feelings. With a younger audience turned on to Eurovision this will absolutely resonate with some younger viewers.

Victor’s Greek of Danish descent and has had the good fortune to land in the same semi-final as Denmark, happenchance that may well boost his qualification chances with backing from his father’s homeland. Not that he needs it, this is a cool modern ballad that should easily make it to Saturday on its quality alone.

My marks: 8 points