Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 Part 30 – San Marino

Like An Animal by Piqued Jacks.

I’m sure there’s a scientific formula that can plot the correlation between Eurovision’s smallest competing nation and the size of its national selection. It’ll be something akin to the law of diminishing marginal returns. Over a week in February, we were offered a seemingly endless parade of contestants that it seemed nobody had taken the time to put through any kind of pre-show filtering.

I appreciate the desire to engage with a wide range of artists, and to proffer some kind of choice, but as the public get no say in the result the whole process is superfluous. Just pick someone and send them and spare us all the time. I’ve enough research to do for my podcast as it is.

Once we got there, this is what we’ve got. Piqued Jacks are an established rock band, together for close to 20 years. You’d think that might be long enough to know better, but some of the lyrical content of Like An Animal is a bit close to the bone. The premise is being able to smell a woman like a beast hunts its prey as the singer beckons her on so he can chase her round a dancefloor.

I’m guilty of enjoying something of a private ogle of many a fine-looking Eurovision competitor so I’m mindful of the risk of double standards here, but I’m not parading my objectification around on telly on the Eurovision stage in the name of my country sniffing at their pheromones. Still, I’ve seldom heard such a sure-fire non-qualifying song so at least this seems likely only to happen once.

My marks: 1 point