Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2024 Part 18 – Ireland

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2024 marks a full 30 years since Ireland moved ahead of the Eurovision pack to lead with 6 victories. Extending it just two years later to 7 gave them a record they held right up until last year when Sweden drew level. In a quirk of symmetry both nations also now share the record for multiple wins by the same performer in Loreen and Johnny Logan.

It’s a record you feel only one side has any chance of tie-breaking soon, and – spoiler – it ain’t the Irish. Only one of Ireland’s entries has made it to the final in the past decade, with a recent offering featuring some of the blandest entries in the Contest’s history.

Bland isn’t an accusation you can throw at Bambie Thug, a non-binary artist known for blending multiple genres in their music. Doomsday Blues is an arresting song, right up in your face demanding attention. Bambie presents in alternative fashion, including a blue wig, gothy make-up, and with traits of the neopagan witchcraft they practice influencing the visual aspect of their performance.

4 PointsHonestly, it’s a bit of a racket to me. I struggled to get through this on my first few listens, though a more melodic chorus makes it more accessible for a wider audience. But do you know what? Good on Ireland for taking a risk. I hope it pays off, though I’m not convinced it will. The worst outcome of this risk won’t be another non-qualification; it’ll be frightening RTE back into another decade of bland.


Phot: Lily Lytton/RTE/EBU

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