Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2024 Part 5 – Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan does like to keep us guessing. They’re regularly one of the very last countries to reveal their Eurovision entry. It’s a strategy that can wow once the song is released, but with almost everything else declared and assessed by then risks an easy dismissal if the song’s chances aren’t to be favoured.

I’ve had to come back to this one a couple of times to appraise it. It’s pleasant, and even in Ilkin Dovlatov’s mugham inspired parts, beautiful. But I think FAHREE takes too long to get going, and I fear he’s not going to take his audience with him.

One thing which might catch the eye is Ilkin’s appearance. Try as I might, I can’t shake the idea that he looks like Freddie Mercury moonlighting down your local Ocakbaşı, and that feels like it has all the ingredients for trending on social media.

6 PointsAstonishingly I’ve seen at least one person call this as not just their personal favourite but the winner of the entire show. Should you similarly fancy its chances you can currently get it at 300 to 1. Spoiler: save your money.

Photo: Adil Yusifov/EBU

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