Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2024 Part 6 – Belgium

photo: RTBF/EBU
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Welcome to 2024. The Year of the Twink. Honestly, they’re like buses (and no, I don’t mean you can hop on and off with the swipe of an Oyster card). You could say at 33 Mustii is pushing the definition of a twink, but as our own UK entrant Olly Alexander (and a couple of my Eurovision chums) will tell you – “twink is a mindset”.

This is a cracker. It’s a dark, brooding number, full of drama and passion. Lyrically it talks of needing to be yourself to the fullest, through all the highs and lows, using the progression of a party as a metaphor for its storytelling. Its almost casually thrown away line “one more drink and I’ll be fine” hits so powerfully, beautifully evocative of the moments we try to mask or bridle our emotions. It’s as intoxicating a lyric as the whole song.


Mustii’s a familiar name in Belgium with musical and acting credits to his bow as well as a slot on the Belgian Drag Race. His cited musical influences come from British 70s rock groups. His style certainly nods to the glam rock of the era. Listening to and watching this I’m minded of another icon of the genre and there feels something of the quality of Freddie Mercury performing Queen’s The Show Must Go On to this entry.

12 PointsI’m excited by this. It has a much-deserved place with the bookies predicting it to be well inside the top 10 in the final. It feels like an entirely possible result. It may come down to the staging and Mustii’s live performance. There are times when the lip-syncing in this video looks very obvious; will doing it live uplift it? I really hope so.

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