Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 30 – San Marino

I need to know more about the entrants for San Marino, so I turn to the official Eurovision site. It tells me “More than a band, MEGARA is a concept! Rock, pop, metal, electronic – whatever!”.

Yeah. Whatever.

Having missed out in 2023’s Benidorm Fest for a chance to represent their native Spain, Megara this year won Una Voce Per San Marino. It’s an intriguing twist of fate that one of last year’s Sammarinese contestants has this year won Benidorm Fest. It’s like a national finals’ swingers club.

What Megara are here for is to disrupt the peace. Not just sonically (it’s a bit of a clatter to my ears, I must admit) but through their anarchic(ish) approach. The music video is fun, turning a dullsville audition into an office party/orgy whilst comically taking a couple of hostages to conformity along the way. This band is going to get in your face, like it or not.

3 pointsIt’s a not, for me. Although I admire its spunky energy it’s only really the hard rock flamenco part that stirs me. I’m sure it’ll be a riot on the semi-final stage, but don’t blink if you like it, as it’s the only airing I think it’s likely to get.


Photo: Javier Bragado/EBU

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