Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Austria

Teya & Salena

The Austrian delegation played a blinder with their crystal ball Twitter account upsetting people left, right and centre. Their delegation head recounting fever dreams. Promises of a hologram and much talk of Edgar Allan Poe.

When this song landed early in the morning on a wet weekday in February, it did the impossible. It cheered up Mo Fanning. It’s every kind of wrong and every kind of right. It’s taking the piss at the right level to be clever. Throw in an instantly memorable chorus and two extremely likeable performers and it’s the full package.

It’s a dig at big music companies (Universal gets a name check) who get rich while songwriters and performers make do with 0.003c per stream and the general process of ghost writing hits that big names claim as their own.

Sure, Teya & Salena might turn out to be rubbish live, but there seems to be enough madness here to carry that. There’s a dance, the hype, the whole concept. I’m going to stick my neck out and say this is my winner. (so far)

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