Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Finland


First up, if you only watch the official video, you’ll have a very different idea of how this song will grab televoters when it hits the Liverpool stage. The UMK performance is very different and – apart from an awkward Human Centipede moment (pictured) – showcases a song that will do well.

Käärijä is an energetic performer and far more likeable than the official video suggests. I’m not going to pretend ‘Cha cha cha’ is some kind of masterpiece or that it will do anything to further the reputation of Eurovision as a launch pad for an ongoing career – it’s pure televoting catnip. There’s no danger it will fail to qualify, but I’m less convinced of the obvious winner status it’s been assigned elsewhere.

I sincerely hope this works in Liverpool and doesn’t look a mess, that he gets the right camera angles and connects with the viewer – the live audience is a given. Don’t let him run out of energy before the big night that matters.

5 Points

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