Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: France

La Zarra

At Eurovision, France tends to go one of two ways, world music or very very French. This year, it’s the latter. La Zarra is even more French than La Pravi – if that’s possible – slinking on stage in a very tight dress and a big hat, emoting her red-blooded heart out before a chugging 70s disco beat takes over.

I would imagine La Zarra is packing many many bags for Liverpool and will be making every effort to be seen and photographed in each outfit – and why not, she’s got it so flaunt it. From what I’ve glimpsed on social media, she’s also not the sort to roll over and play the game. if something gets up her nose, she’ll blow it out.

Back to the song and although I like it as a vibe, it’s something of a slug in the studio version. A little too downbeat after the initial build, and even the cold finish is just slightly wanting. But compare Pravi in studio with Pravi live and I suspect this will be much the same. Évidemment, this is written for the stage.

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