Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Iceland


The song starts with Diljá flat on her back, struggling to control her voice, before she’s on her feet to hop, skip and jump like a young Suzi Quatro in a boxy jacket.

Despite the dry ice and ever-changing backdrop, Diljá looked lonely on stage, something I feel sure the Icelandic team will rectify for Liverpool.

Given the official video is a live take from the national final, we get a decent idea of how this might sound in Liverpool, and whilst generally controlled, Diljá’s voice meanders at times, becoming shrill. Again, something that can be fixed in the next few weeks.

I’ve sort of skirted around the song, which is as generic as they come. Forgettable with little in the way of a hook, like someone told ChatGPT to write a song for Eurovision, but not an especially good one.

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