Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Israel

Noa Kirel

Israel has struggled in recent years, but this year sees something of a return to form. The video for ‘Unicorn’ suggests serious money being spent by someone – most likely Noa Kirel’s record label, given the song sounds to be aimed squarely at the US market.

For the first two minutes, everything happens at just the right moment and slots nicely together. It’s modern, tightly performed and sparkles like it surely must. Even if we allow for the bizarre idea of a unicorn being powerful – and allow it, I shall. And then there’s a whole extra minute of random mess, where this becomes more of a show than a song. And I rather feel that’s what Noa plans on bringing to Liverpool.

Despite the shoddy lyric, ‘Unicorn’ is surely one to reckon with, purely based on the pedigree of the performer, but if someone had just agreed less is more, Noa might even have a contender on her hands.

As it stands …

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