Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Malta

The Busker

By tradition, Malta has a reputation of a ‘try hard’ at Eurovision. This year is no exception. for once, we’re spared the usual solo bop/anguished ballad in favour of no-quite-so-epic sax guy and three mop-top indie boys.

There are two critical timestamps for me in this song. 40 seconds, which is where I lost interest as everything went downhill and two minutes where The Busker ran out of ideas, shoved in an instrumental break, and then rehashed what went before.

It’s a truly disturbing video in many ways, packed with jarring ideas – and that’s what comes across. I’ve no doubt, this will be over-staged in Liverpool, losing any cute element along the way.

I’m giving sympathy votes, mostly because they put ‘fogged up’ when you know what they’re going to sing really.

2 Points

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