Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Norway


A bit of quasi-religious chanting and a husky-voiced vocal delivering something that has Eurovision written huge. There’s even one of those whistle notes that having heard Alessandra performing ‘live’ might be something of an ask.

It’s a traditional stomper that used to do very well at Eurovision and may do much the same with televoters in the semi-finals, but for me, its position with bookmakers feels over-indulged. The performances I’ve seen so far haven’t been up to it, although what has gone before won’t matter. Everything comes down to two big nights in May and three if you count the jury final.

Objectively, it’s memorable and camper than anything else this year. I should love it, and can’t work out why I don’t.

Sat in the middle of a pile of weak songs, however, ‘Queen Of Kings’ should sparkle enough to make itself heard.

5 Points