Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Poland


I’ve watched the national final performance and then the official music video – the difference in vocal quality between the two might prove to be the pain point for Blanka.

The song isn’t the problem this time around. It’s cheap and catchy as hell, and the kind of thing likely to end up being played across beach bars all summer long. I don’t think ‘Solo’ will embarass anyone when it comes to the votes being added up.

Blanka though isn’t the greatest vocalist. Sure she struts. Sure she knows how to flash the flesh and grab attention, but she sounds to be talking her way through the verses, while relying on the backing vocalists to carry the chorus. She gets out of breath often, and the nasal whine she affects to build what is a not especially powerful voice outstays its welcome.

I’d hope she’ll do something about the staging. The Polish national final was very dated, and the choreography nothing new.

Done right, it’s a cheerful bop. But Blanka could easily bring a fingernails-down-the-blackboard moment.

4 Points