Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: San Marino

Piqued Jacks

Piqued Jacks won one of the most drawn-out (and low-quality) Eurovision selection processes I have ever witnessed. If SMRTV had presented just the final in a prime-time slot with decent production values, people would be talking about it as one of the better efforts this year. There were a handful of potential contenders in the shake-up.

Piqued Jacks, for me, wasn’t one of them. The band sound a lot like one of those forgettable support acts you ignore in favour of queuing for beer at some concert where your friend got free tickets.

With lines like ‘Come on baby, Come and find me, I can smell you like an animal’, the result would never be much to write home about. And indeed, they run out of ideas fast.

1 Point