Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Spain

Blanca Paloma

I can’t deny Benidormfest has turned around Spanish Eurovision. Chanel shot them back to the top three last year, and Blanca Paloma is heading for Liverpool with hopes of a similar result.

Another thing I can’t deny, this is as different to ‘Slo Mo’ as it’s possible to get—a passionate, flamenco number, oozing emotion and authenticity. The visuals in the official video are stunning, and I’d expect the Liverpool staging to match.

I get the marmite factor. You’ll either love the performance or consider it twaddle. I tend to sit in the latter camp, though I look forward to being entertained. I don’t, however, feel it’s worthy of a song contest. It’s an interval act condensed to three minutes. Intense and passionate, majestic in its poise, but just not for me.

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