Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Switzerland

Remo Forrer

I’m at that age where it isn’t just policemen who look too young to be doing the job, it’s extended to Swiss Eurovision entrants. Remo looks like he’s still pretending to shave. When I send a text, it looks like I sent it from the boot of a fast moving car.

It’s a gloomy old listen that’s not going to bring any party vibes. Famously neutral Switzerland is putting guns, real blood and body bags front of centre. What’s wrong with singing about peace? Setting that aside, it’s very much something I’ve heard before – and heard from Switzerland. There’s little in the way of build and it’s over before you really get chance to give it much thought.

And as for water gun – isn’t it water pistol?

Remo has a nice voice, much fuller than a 21-year-old deserves. The video is simple but well put together. The kind of thing likely to be knackered on stage in Liverpool.

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