Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 2 – Armenia

Rosa Linn – Snap

This reminds me of that dreadful Danish song that never was from 2020, but it’s nowhere near as shrill. Instead, we get a happy clap-along/snap-along song that ought to bring a smile to the hardest of faces, and thanks to the pre-recorded backing vocals rule getting another airing this year, will sound fairly decent too.

It’s nothing like any other entry from Armenia and I’d go so far as to suggest it may well be their best entry yet. The song has summer hit written all over it. Whether Rosa Linn has the chops to carry this off on a huge stage in a massive stadium is another question. If she can, this ought to do rather well, sat in the middle of a bunch of lads whose lover/life has done them wrong.

I’m afraid we might be more in for a Sennek experience.

Mo’s Score – 7 Points