So, How how much is excess baggage from Bucharest?

Ilinca and Alex

“Hello, is that TVR? This is the Bucharest branch of B&Q … You’ve placed an order for a metric tonne of kitchen sinks to be delivered to Kiev… do you still want them?”

Apparently the budget stretched to yes, because that’s surely the only way that this rubbish has made it to the Eurovision stage.

The staging is a kaleidoscope of colours that blend into one astigmatism-inducing mess, akin to something the BBC used for Electro Velvet a couple of years back.

There is also the fact that Alex has had his man bun cut off and has lost his ability to ride a glitter cannon – on the last run-through he fell off. It wasn’t a good 20 minutes for him.

Ilinca found herself pitched as the talent to Alex’s buffoonery. Shame she didn’t seem to be up to the job. She’s no Global Kryner or Angela Wiedel – look them up kids.

‘Yodel it’ will stand out between Malta and Netherlands, but possibly not in the “right” way.