Netherlands power vocals


Good morning OnEuropeans! Another day in the bubble. Netherlands first up for us today.

I’m a little disappointed by this. It’s very plainly staged with no frills, though as the real thing to be showcased here is their voices that’s maybe not a bad thing. But something feels missing.

They have looks to one another, and to the camera, a bit of strutting, and there’s a shot down Sven, the chandelier, of an angel on the floor LED (which made me instantly recoil, I just don’t like it). They’re wearing matching but differently styled outfits, dark, with sparkles, some dresses, one a catsuit, and they look like a slightly butcher version of De Toppers. Their big selling point though, their sisterhood, isn’t apparent, which seems to be missing their trick. Vocally it’s superb though; can’t fault them on that.

Monty x

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