Eurovision Countdown 24 – Netherlands according to Mo

The return of a televoting-only rule for the semi-finals has inevitably meant the return of what we used to call ‘joke entries’. The sort of thing that used to grace a late-night UK TV show called – appropriately – Eurotrash.

And what’s worse than a joke entry that tries to justify itself by having a ‘serious’ underlying message about the future of humanity?

Joost is about as funny as cholera. There’s nothing fun going on here, and the ‘underlying message’ is nothing short of calculated and cynical. It’s utterly hollow.

Nul pointsAnd yes, Joost will rock up in Malmo with his whacky-dude PR machine and photobomb like there’s no tomorrow, but this unedifying mess leaves me cold.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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Bart Remmers
Bart Remmers
29 days ago

It’s a love it or hate it song and act. I love it. Fun, catchy, original (for ESC) and a throwback to the nineties. Call it gabber, call it Eurodance, call it happy hardcore, call it Eurotrash. It is something else than the tired girl bops, rock-opera kitsch or dramatical ballads. Call it hollow, I call it a party anthem with a serious, captivating twist at the end.