Norway – acts, songs and a new rule …

Details of the acts taking part in the Norwegian national final have been released – but the focus in fandom is on a rule change – this time, it won’t matter if those performing couldn’t hold a tune in a bucket, NRK is allowing the use of autotune.

Autotune has long been a feature of the Italian Sanremo festival, but this is the first time it’s leaked to Norway. The technology is expressly forbidden in Eurovision rules, so anyone relying heavily on it for help might end up looking a complete arse in Liverpool.

But let’s focus instead on the 21 acts in the running.

Semi-final 1

The first semi-final will take place on 14 January 2023.

Alessandra Mele"Queen of Kings"
Eirik Næss"Wave"
Jowst & Byron"Freaky for the Weekend"
Kate Gulbrandsen"Tårer i paradis"
Rasmus Thall"Tresko"
Umami Tsunami"Geronimo"

Semi-final 2

The second semi-final will take place on 21 January 2023.

Alejandro Fuentes"Fuego"
Bjørn Olav Edvardsen"Turn Off My Heart"
Elsie Bay"Love You in a Dream"
Jone"Ekko inni meg"
Sandra Lyng"Drøm d bort"

Semi-final 3

The third semi-final will take place on 28 January 2023.

Atle Pettersen"Masterpiece"
Eline Thorp"Not Meant to Be"
Maria Celin"Freya"
Skrellex"Love Again"
Stig van Eijk"Someday"
Tiril"Break It"