Norway – This could be in trouble… maybe?

Norwegian singer

Mr Hacksaw has just said  “ooh it looks better in the hall than it does on the television” – which is another unfortunate thing that goes against this song.

Again, like so many songs this was such a good idea. The lead singer just stands and sings the song whilst the backing band do all the movement things … and it looks boring if truth be told. It doesn’t have any point where you want to grab the phone. Even the middle eight which is supposed to be a device to link two sections of the song together doesn’t grab me at all, in fact it’s a whole bunch of meh.

Considering the eight minutes Europe will have just seen, that could be a problem. I just think meh is not good enough … even in this weak field. Will Jowst and his pal fall flat on their arses? Will they pick up the hipster vote? Who knows? My bet is yes and no.

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