If it’s not Trump – then who the hell is it??

You know the type of thing – You sit aimlessly around in late 1980 wondering how you’re going to win the contest.  You want to write a song that’s modern, catchy *and* relevant, and you’d like a previous winner of the contest to sing it for you.

This is a winning formula, you’d think. Johnny Logan must be sitting by the phone (well it is a distant 1980 after all), Maybe Marie Myriam is on the end of the blower singing all of her power hits… Maybe even St Lys Assia herself… after all she’s not that old…

But no… instead of this, you plump for the winner of the 1961 contest, Jean-Claude Pascal, and a song that *could* have entered in 1961. Hardly fresh, exciting and new is it?