NRK’s eighteen for a fight to the death?

NRK have announced, with a bit of fanfare, the eighteen songs that will take part in the MGP 2024.   The first stage, those Semi Final heats, will take place in the NRK Studios in Oslo with three out of the six, via 100 percent televoting,  going through to the final which takes place on 3rd February at the Trondheim Spektrum where NRK will impliment a 60/40 televoting-Jury split in a hope it’ll get implimented at Eurovision – like they did with Autotune!

Lets look at those Semi Finals shall we?

Semi-Final 1, January 13th:

Obviously the biggest name in this semi final is the first one.  Margaret Berger, she of Eurovision’s past with I feed you my Love  is having another go at it!

Margaret Berger – Oblivion


Myra – Heart on Fire

Ingrid Jasmin – Eya


Fredrik Halland – Stranded

Mathilde SPZ ft. Chris Archer & Slam Dunk – Woman Show

Semi-Final 2, January 20th:

Is “My AI” possibly the worst song ever committed to music? – that’s not for me to say!

Gåte – Ulveham

Super Rob, Erika Norwich – My AI

Mileo – You’re Mine

Eli Kristin – Touch Of Venus

Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo – Judge Tenderly Of Me

Farida – Heartache

Semi-Final 3, January 27th:

This is the one where most of the attention will be drawn with Keiino trying to get through to the Eurovision for the third time with, albeit, a different type of song which is not my cup of tea but it only has to beat what is in front of it.

KEiiNO – Damdiggida

MIIA – Green Lights

Annprincess – Save Me

Thomas Jenssen – Take Me To Heaven

MISTRA – Waltz Of Death

Vidar Vila – MER