Oh our Nathan is a cheeky scamp…

Walking on the moon

So, when you turn to the big book of Eurovision and see the word “winsome”, you’ll find a pic of Mr Trent. He starts not looking at the camera and looking like Ryan Reynolds, but then turns to the camera and give you “that look” – you all know the one, the one that melts your heart.

Nathan connects with you from second one… from the look into the camera, to the light on your feet walking around on the stage connecting with all and sundry, to the little laugh at the beginning of the song, to the minimalist staging with just a crescent moon on stage (he’s walking on air natch…)

Nathan comes across as the likable cheeky chappy that your mum could tweak the cheek of.

Vocally… a couple of shaky notes towards the end of the song where the powerful notes (or what passes for them in this song) are shakey but when he gets it and when he connects, that’s the whole package.

Now, granted, it’s no where near the standard of Marija-L-Maltija but what is!

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