Pasha and his trophy stags speak to Timur


There is a long delay for Pasha to get to the media centre – presumably, they had issues getting their antlers through the door!

Pasha and Timur have a bit of a bromance as they metaphorically slap each other on the back. Pasha says that he felt Deja Vu from 2012 until today because his experience seems to be precisely the same – there is improved punctuality in his team this time!

His female backing dancers say their hair and make-up take an hour, and seeing them does not surprise me. Pasha says he was a different person 11 years ago than now – this song represents his current inner state. He is in love with different types of music, and, to be fair, he does seem a lot more relaxed. He compares Eurovision to an extreme sport (ironing clearly) where the second time is much easier than the first! (Fnarr!)

Pasha is then asked about what the song is about – “Ying and yang”, he says – the song is about the balance between the day energy and the night energy and how the universe is aligned. There is an old legend about a shepherd who asked a sheep to tell his family he was ok; the Sun and the moon held the wedding crown. “It’s very deep and meaningful”, Pasha says.

As Pasha was a teacher, he would not have a specialised subject if he went back now. He would ask his students every year what to specialise in (Very progressive, dear Department of Education..). He says they would learn the piano and Ukrainian music.