Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 23 – Lithuania

Monika Liu – Sentimentai

Another song in this endless farrago that reminds me of something else.  This one is, seemingly, a downbeat rehashing of this:

Crossed with ‘Knock Knock who’s there?‘ (the dirtiest song in Eurovision history dontcha know?) and you get this.

It has seriously taken me all afternoon and most of an evening to get through to the end of this song, because it’s just so damn boring. It literally pains me to hear it for any second longer than I have to – and I watched most of the Lithuanian heats!

Monika has a good voice – that much is obvious, but what is less obvious is what the song is supposed to be. The preview video is literally her trying to be all Patricia Kass and alluring, and ending up with the song just existing on my screen.

It simply exists – it’s there … and then – after three minutes – it’s gone again, engendering apathy from me. Only the French can do being this French. She’s Lithuanian. They can’t pull it off.

Phil’s Score.  2 Points