Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 34 – Serbia

Konstrakta –  In Corpore Sano

Well, this is clearly the bonkers quota in this year’s Contest and no mistake. It doesn’t take much to work that out – like the title being in Latin, and the first couple of Stanzas referencing the hair of Megan Markle – a strange and possibly unique choice for a subject.

But no, she’s just the entrée for the main serving of batshit where, in the first verse, Konstrakta sings, if that’s the right word, an informercial seemingly about the benefits of… well… health – or at least some Oil of OhMyGod that would cost you about 500 points a gallon. The second verse is about nothing in particular or, more precisely, her walking her dog but then she says “God grant us health since there’s no medical insurance for me. “

That reminds me to cross Serbia off my health tourism list.

It could be argued that it’s got an anti-vax message at the heart of the song – basically saying “Hell, I’m healthy, let’s chance getting the plague”, or it’s a piece of performance art in the Kate Bush mould. Or it’s none of these things and it’s a song with ambiguous lyrics like “American Pie” or, more likely, it’s just a piece of shit on a stick.

Phil’s Score – Meh.. 1 Point