Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 – Part 14/37 – Georgia


Iru – Echo

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered Iru was not a pseudonym for Irn Bru, and wasn’t singing this:

Disappointed Georgia, disappointed.

Now, I’m going to let you into a secret, this is being written live from my hospital bed. I’ve clearly not been well, and I have forgotten what this song sounds like or indeed how it goes, and that could well be a problem here in a song contest – just let me listen to it for a moment….

It just seems to be the same old tune repeated for three minutes, if I am honest, and is more of a vibe than an actual song but I reckon in Liverpool it’s going to go heavy on the old performance elements, rather than relying purely on the song.

The whole lyric of the song seems to be “woe is me, look at me, look how badly off I am,” so yes, it’s a typical three-minute whinge set to music.

Not for me,  and I probably didn’t say all of this in the first review.

Phil’s score: 3 Points

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11 months ago

Get well soon!