Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 – Part 16/37 – Greece

Victor Vernicos – What they say.

First thing is first, the shoot for the video must have been a health and safety nightmare. I’m sure there was a public information film in the 1970s which said not to mix Water and Electricals… or was it Crossply and Radial tyres on the same axis – anyway I digress because Panik Records, who have the monopoly on Hellenic Eurovision songs, decided to put a 17 year old in water and get him sopping wet – They clearly know the dempographic that watches the Semi Finals of the Eurovision.

Sadly, they didn’t work out that whilst Victor is 17 *now* – he wrote this when he was 14. presumably for the equivalent of GCSE Music in Greek, clearly, and I suspect it was rejected as a submission becaiuse it’s a bit shit.  .

It reminds me of that German song a few years ago that was just the singing saying how he hated his dad dying for three minutes and, without the death, this song is int he same vain.  He just mumbles and bumbles his way through this song which doesn’t really go anywhere or *do* anything spectacular or ground breaking – it’s just background music to a Eurovision and that in itself is a problem.  If your song does not engender a reaction, good or bad, you are going to score very few points.

It certainly has with me.

Phil’s Score – 3 Points