Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 – Part 20/37 – Italy

So, having taken a few days to get myself back ready and willing to go – we’re back with the countdown, live from my suite in the hospital – getting MRSA has some benefits.

Italy have been doing Italian things again this season by getting the Sanremo winner to get first refusal to do the contest proper – This time that winner is someone with the requisite Eurovision experience to make sure that everything should go well on the big night.. Marco Mengoni.

When he tried. and ultimately failed, back in 2013, it was not through want of trying – in fact it was the fact that he didn’t try that drove many of us to the edge of reason.  He just seemed to stand with his hands in his pockets for three minutes and sing a song very… matter-of-factly down the camera – almost like he didnt give a flying shit about the song, the contest, or the matter of winning.

10 years later he is back with a different outlook and a different look, regenerting from a teddy boy to a leather daddy in the intervening period.  That’ll get some of the key Eurovision constituency automatically voting for him I suspect.  Due Vita smells italian from the first phrase of music, it tries to cram a gamillion words into a short space of time but, unlike several Italian songs of the past, it veers away from doing that all of the time in the chorus and ends up being a half decent song.  The Sanremo performance proves he has learned to care and if he can marry the two together like we know he can, then a decent place should be assured.

My one worry is that it sounds a little bit “phoned in” but hey, if a daddy in a hat can qualify, probably, then a leather daddy can two, right?

Daddy or Chips? – Still chips, but Phil’s Score is 7 points.