Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 – Part 30/37 – San Marino

Piqued Jacks had been getting a lot of stick on Social Media, some of it deserved, most of it not, in the early bit of the Eurovision season but I dont care about any of that nonsense, it’s the songs that i care for.

Remember that this was the best one out of 107 shortlisted songs in San Marino so it should be good, right? – Well not so much.  My first thought when I have the subtitles on so I can see the lyrics are ” They’ve just thrown some random words together and expected the to stick” because a majority of the sentences make no sense and yes, they aren’t native English speakers, but someone should have cast their eye over them.

Musically the song is just one phrase of music with those different words in about 2 or 3 orders repeated for three minutes.

It’s not a good song and it grates quick – let’s move on.

Phil’s Score – 1 Point



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