Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 – Part 32/37 – Slovenia

Joker Out

Oh, Bojan, you little Slovene bundle of cuteness – bopping around on the internet like a kid on E-Numbers, promoting you and your band all around Europe with gay abandon. You little scamp!

I’m keen on the boys, not just for their good looks, I hasten to add, but for how they have engaged with fandom. They come across as likeable young men, which is always a positive.

The song is also a cracker too. A Proper pop song which will be performed well by the lads because we all know that they can, and it sticks out like a sore thumb in a sea of bland this year has served us up. When it gets to the final, which it will, the professional jurors will see the effort put into the song. It’s well crafted, modern, and ticks all the jury boxes. Televoters will go for the cute boy with the lovely hair…

Or maybe that’s just me?

Phil’s Score – 10 Points.