Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 17/37 – Iceland

So this is the start of the problem corner of the Eurovision for 2024.  Let’s start with Hera.  There is an argument that she is fortuitous to be in this position because of “things” but here she is.

I know that we have put our clocks forward for Spring (at the time of writing this) but someone in Reykjavik has decided it’s 1986 and has produced a slice of schlager that would have done not that well in that year’s Melodifestivalen – though not against this lot.

It’s not a stretch to say that Hera is better than this dog of a song which is clunky and cumbersome at best.  The preview video which is that national final performance can be excused a bit because she would have been under so much pressure to lose from certain quarters and that does come through the screen in many ways but the whole thing just smacks of going through the motions which is a very dangerous thing to send to Eurovision and I don’t know or think how it can be made better for Hera.  She’s going to have to stop holding back and give it the beans if she is going to get close to qualifying.

2 PointsIt stands a chance because there is a significant proportion of Eurovision viewers who love the 80s – I just don’t think the material is strong enough to get the nostalgia button pressed.


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