Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 17/37 – Iceland

Now. dear reader, I’m not the most relentlessly positive person in the world but, as this is the contest that I love, I try to look for the good in everything.

The next couple of songs, however, drive me to the demon drink and prozsc though not, thankfully at the same time.

Songs about Power you say?

Whereas Love Generation are clearly both all the seventies in one screen and clearly don’t turn the lights down throughout their performance ( go with me here), Power sung by Dilja is a more modern, energy saving lightbulb kind of song. Or Dim, as I should have the nuts to say outright but clearly my writing style has changed over the years.

Yet another female empowerment ballad (not a bad thing, just a thing) but to make this kind of thing stand out you either have to be shouty good, have a strong tune and/or hook and, preferably, not be dressed in Grey. I often use the phrase “ three minute whinge set to music” and, in lieu of anything actually positive to say about this song, and it’s a bad day in OE Towers where I can’t point out the positives in any song, this is a three minute whinge set to music.

If a song was the equivalent of a two year old toddler tugging at you for that last kitkat in the supermarket for all the damn time will you just shut up, here have you kitkat you ungrateful child, sigh, then that is what this is. All I take away from it is the last third of the song which is the same lyrical phrase and, often, musical phrase, repeated ad nauseum whilst Dilja throws her jacket off in an attempt to stick it to the man. I suspect Europe may tell her to stick it.

Phil’s score – 1 Point.