Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 18/37 – Ireland

It’s at this point that I fire up the Vested Interests claxon.  I have interviewed Bambi on the radio *and* know someone who has been involved in the production of the preview video.  That said, I’m still going to be honest.

We’ve said for years and years that Ireland needs to take a chance in this competition and this is the one they have decided on.  It’s going to stand out because Bambi’s goth look and feel is something so different for the contest audience it will shock them into paying attention to it.

The song itself will not, it’s safe to say, going to be many people’s cup of tea with the clunking changes of gear causing many people to potentially rank it bottom in their lists online and the televoters to go “What the hell is this?” Because it will put them so far out of their comfort zones. There are a ton of things going on musically here crammed into three minutes and it feels like this needed at least seven minutes to get through them all.

However, there is something weirdly engaging about Bambi and the song may well hit with enough Eurovision fans and casual viewers to see it through to the final.

3 pointsEdgier songs do tend to get through with some popular support and the juries that would have killed it have been removed from the equation but, make no mistake, Bambi has a task on their hands to make it happen.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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