Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 18/37 – Ireland

So, as I have already said, Germany produced possibly the worst timed national final in all of Christendom in 2023 by shoving their selection out in a graveyard slot.  Ireland, however, went *again* for the Late Late Show and I have many, many issues with that show and format – basically RTE are seemingly repeating the same mistakes year on year and not learning that the demographic of this show is clearly no longer representative of that in the Eurovision and don’t get me started on PiL and the media show that Jonny Rotten became.

My unpopular opinion is that they needed something, anything, to get the six songs into the public conciousness, because they were frankly awful.  The winner was the less awful song, sung by “boy band” Wild Youth who looked, and still look in every performance, as though they would rather literally be anywhere else than here right at this moment whist singing the song – and if that is coming across, for whatever reasons, it’s not a good look.

Musically it sounds exactly like a rejected U2 track from The Joshua Tree or any other album that you can name by them and I don’t know if that is a good thing. Their lead singer is NOT Bono, thank the lord. I agree with Mo’s review insofar as this song is totally unmemorable and bog standard.

Phil’s Score – 3 Points