Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 19/37 – Israel

Click here to find out position about Boycotts – Please read that, then make your own mind up as to whether you continue reading on.  

OK – so this is where shit gets real  If you’ve followed anything about this you know that the tune is the same as it was but the lyrics have changed.  There is an argument that the sentiment is still there but that’s up to your interpretation.

What we have here is a song which, in any other year, would be a top 10 contender.  The lyrics when taken in isolation are a strong example of storytelling and Eden seems to put her heart and soul into the song.  Eden seems to have a very powerful voice and the cross into Hebrew at the end seems natural and not forced.  Musically it’s a song of a standard structure and does nothing to out of the ordinary and builds nicely and if there is one criticism that can be levelled at it is that it just peters out at the end and there is no crescendo.

Seven PointsTaking the war away, this is a contender – however we know the backstory and the changes and the stubbornness of Kan to have something in the contest at all costs.

The views expressed in this review are based on the situation at the time of writing International relations are dynamic, and future developments could alter the public perception of the Eurovision Song Contest and its participants. We encourage readers to stay informed on these issues as they continue to evolve.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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1 month ago

The fans know the back story. The casual viewer, probably not, so I am not sure how much this will play any role.

Darren Smith
Darren Smith
23 days ago

It will be interesting to see how this fares in voting. My guess is televote will be up compared to normal, but jury will be down. Definite qualifier but on balance it probably won’t affect their final placing much.