Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 20/37 – Italy

I loved this song at Sanremo and not just because I was on the stage in November! – After five nights of batshit Italians it was a blessed relief to get to the end of it but those same Italians have come up with something good.

It’s got that kind of beat and feel that makes you uncontrollably shake your shoulders in the chorus and the verses are very wordy, as you might expect from an Italian song, but it doesn’t overpower the song like some entries have previously – they’ve clearly gone down the less is more route with the lyric.   Angelina can’t half perform this and has that cross between seemingly not giving a shit about the song and caring so much she’s crafted that look to art.  If there is anywhere where she is going to be found out it’s going to be at the part of the song where the music gets “turned off” towards the end.

8 pointsShe’s going to have to sing it better than she did in February, ideally in tune, otherwise, everything that she’s strutted and presented on stage will be less than optimal. If she does, it’s going to be another very good result for Italy.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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