Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 23/37 – Luxembourg

So, we move to Israel’s second entry this year.  If you didn’t know the entire Luxembourg national final was styled and produced by Israelis and, wouldn’t you know it, an Israeli-born singer won the thing… nope, doesn’t smell at all!

This song is what Cyprus, Albania, and Greece were aiming for but missed wildly.   Tali doesn’t need to “slay” – she needs to sing the song well to ensure that people see this girlbop for precisely what it is – a crafted piece of pop that is aimed squarely at the gays – sorry – televoters of Europe.

She’s representing Luxembourg so she could have been singing the phone book and she would have got votes from people, me included for the record, her team knew this but they still remixed the song from the national final performance to be somewhat beefier towards the end.

It goes to show that you don’t need to be over the top, shouty, and aggressive to chime with the audience (which this will) because it’s that “radio-friendly” song that people will have been searching for.  If it gets to the final, though, I suspect it will struggle. Not on the quality of the material but on the fact that there will be lots of other candidates to choose from and Europe might not have enough votes to throw some to Luxembourg.

FiveA decent, solid, and valiant attempt but next year change who produces your show.


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