Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 24/37 – Malta

Malta ESC 24

Malta seem to have gone down a rabbit hole of entering poor song after poor song in recent years – albeit with the odd bright spot whenever Destiny or Ira gets involved.

They also, with the exception of The Busker, seem to be stuck in a perpetual girlbop loop with, it could be argued, at least four of their last seven songs sounding all the damn same ( Taboo, Chamelion, Warrior and Walk on Water, Just so you know I’m not blindly making this up).

PBS have returned to type with this song – Sarah is *not* doing a cover version mash up of those but she might as well be because the cookie cutter has been well and truly used to death in this song even to the point where you can spot the dance break with the dark staging and her showing herself off to all and sundry, not unlike Cyprus in many ways….

3 PointsIt’s not new, or ground breaking or even that good and, yes, PBS seem to have the same song on Loop.   Hang on? – Are we sure they aren’t Out-Cyprusing Cyprus here?


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